Kin is in making / Making has kin in it 

Exhibited at Hostler Burrows in New York spring 2021

I am particularly interested in “Staying with the Trouble” and “Connected Species Manifesto” by Donna j. Haraway; they speak to me and inspire my idiom along new unknown paths. A new complexity emerges. I believe that this complexity can be seen as a reflection of our present. In Haraway's texts, I think there is a truth in the idea of embracing, including and at the same time clarifying the difference all in the same layer, without divisions and hierarchies. A world not restrained by universals and divisions, but filled with all sorts of forms. It is caused to create connectedness across conflicts as well as new relationships in and around our world and its creatures. I have worked with these encounters between the opposite and inclusive in the works Kin is in making and Making has kin in it. The titles derives from her texts.

Thanks to Danish Art Foundation and Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond and Copenhagen Ceramics for inviting me.